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Organisation Structure

The NCC contently organises itself that means, a team is being formed which takes over the slots and works out a common concept.

Content Team

Slot teams with a slotmaster for 24 slots + finish

The participients apply online and will be chosen by the team/ the community.


  1. Operative Team: Coordination and administration


    • coordination of the slot teams (and other teams)
    • fixing the programm
    • technical facilitators: team (2 people):

      supervision, concept and coordination of the backfitting

      each person 4 hours (alternating) at the NCC

    • Coordinator:

      listing and publishing the slots (web and print)

      verifying and deducting hotel/ journey expenses (slot teams)

      cashier's tasks

    • Advertising:

      ID-Cards distribution if required (printing, holder)

      to equip info desk with info material (LT)

      posters, flyer

    • backfitting team: 1 coordinator + 4 people
    • tools:

      video backfitting, beams, screens

      laying of the cabels, box holders - audio

      helping at the construction of the computers

      chairs, tables, bedchairs

      stage - setting

      security settings, agglutinating of the cables, adding the finishing touches



    • AV Technics Team: coordinator + 2 helpers (shift operation):

      coordination of the AV Construction Team

      listing the fixtures/ equipment, fixing the delivery terms (private equipement, loan collection,...)

      AV Wiring: supervision, use, help & repair

    • Network team (LT)

      implementing/ wiring:

      network, local server, surf station, streaming computer, main beam computer (Linux, MS or Mac)

    • Security Team. 4 people (shift operation):

      supporting the backfitting

      supervision, removing heavy disorder

      contact with the public

    • Chroniclers: 4 people (shift operation, LT)

      resume, at least every 4 hours live update

      text production, maybe also pics, reviews, interviews

      chat supervision and resume (computer - input)

      computer for AV recording 48 hours?

    • Camera Teams: 2 cameras, 2 people/ team
    • Bar & Bufet Team: (LT)

      construction, deconstruction, commissioning (bar)