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Project description

ncc03 will be 25 hours non-stop information, discussion, reflection, production and documentation in analogue and virtual space on the subject of the Internet in the context of art and 03 for 2003.

The intention of ncc03 is information compression; the conference is the medium. Over a timeline of 25 hours, inter/national experts will report, discuss and reflect with the participants on prepared themes that alternate in a temporal rhythm and form the “content back bone” for ncc03.

Running parallel to this, there will be workshops, working groups, lectures and presentations of Web art projects. The locations of ncc03 are real – the Dom im Berg, and also virtual – the Internet (http, ftp, irc, smtp, udp, pnm...). All of the events at nccc03 will be recorded, documented and published. ncc03 will run at the same time as the localtask 2003 Net art project (http://graz2003.mur.at/), the steirischer herbst festival and the cultural capital of Europe 2003 and so offers the opportunity for a link-up between a range of cultural events.

The programming will be carried out by the Community (mur.at, ncc-listen) in such a way that slots in the timeline can be requested on different levels, which will then be assigned in editorial meetings and attendant votes.