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23 17-18h 25.10. analyse it! by interspace

Online Performance

surrounding envirement - matter of course?
galia dimitrova, janet sander, peter slavov


Surrounding Environment - matter of course?

Everyone is part of the surrounding environment.

Does the young generation of Bulgaria perceive their surrounding and urban environment, their country, their region, their nationality as common terms? And how do they apprehend the new terms Balkanization, Europeanization and Globalization?
Does these people use virtual environments for their communication, work and daily life? If so, do they think, that the real environment is disadvantageous them or are they just more interested in the virtual surroundings?
On these and many other questions InterSpace Media Art Center will try to give an answer. We will interview this target group in the spur of the moment; on the streets around the InterSpace office as well as in the coffee bars, restaurants, Internet Cafes and other venues near the InterSpace office.
This inquiry will be presented via a streaming event in the framework of the Net User 2 conference in Sofia and of Balkanize it! presentation in Graz - European cultural capital 2003 - on Saturday, the 25th of October in between 17:00h and 18:00h CET. InterSpace Media Art Center will stream in real time in Internet and on screening in Graz and Sofia the opinions of the Bulgarian young generation about the aforementioned questions and how they relate to it. This Internet video conferencing will give the audience at Graz the chance of interactive questioning.