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02 20-21h 24.10. A New Digital Instrument for the creative networked collaboration

VorOrt Konferenz

The objective is to develop A.N.D.I. - A New Digital Platform for creative networked International and Cross-disciplinary Architecture and Art Production. A working environment which opens the possibilities for generating advanced projects for a worldwide networked society. It will be an operating system, on Internet, to work interdisciplinary and international in each period of architectural and art projects to increase the creative dimension of projects and to improve communication during the process of conception, designing, planning, production and realization of projects.The development and use of the operation system will create a novel workplaces and a novel work practices that will improve efficiency of resource use in sharing the infrastructure and workplace equipment.

Ein neues digitales Instrument für die Zusammenarbeit im Netz

Das Ziel ist die Entwicklung von A.N.D.I. - einer neuen digitalen Plattform für kreative netzwerkbasierte internationale und interdisziplinäre Architektur- und Kunstproduktion, eine Arbeitsumgebung, die Möglichkeiten eröffnet, zukunftsweisende Projekte für eine vernetzte Gesellschaft zu entwickeln.
Dies wird ein Betriebssystem im Intenet sein um in jeder Phase des Architektur- und Kunstprojekts interdisziplinär und international zu arbeiten, mit dem Ziel, die kreative Dimension des Projekts zu erweitern und die Kommunikation während des gesamten schöpferischen Prozesses (Konzeption, Design, Planung, Produktion und Realisierung) zu verbesseren. Die Entwicklung und Verwendung dieses Betriebssystems wird neuartige Arbeitsplätze und Arbeitsweisen bedingen, die die Effizienz steigern, indem durch die gemeinsame Nutzung von Ressourcen (Infrastruktur und Ausstattung von Arbeitsplätzen).

Team:ivanredi, andrea
ANDI is essentially a system development project including the usual phases, from the collection of requirements, research, conceptional design, implementation of ANDI engine, the prototype testing and optimizing and the establishment of an exploitation strategy. The dissemination of project results plays a central role to promote the new system. The user requirements will be based on a market oriented approach. They will be executed in close coordination with the technical developments both providing input to the technical specification of the system and using the results of the technical tests to assess the benefits to potential users and the options for the exploitation of the operation system.It is mainly the interaction between technical and user requirements that create the unique solutions and the innovative content for the project. ANDI will comprise a first test phase with one architectural, urbanistical project and one artistical project, it will be performed to find first estimations on the potential performance of the system.This test phase starts as soon as the prototype of the operation system is available. Based on the results of this phase ANDI engine get redesigned and redeveloped. The third test project, the system test, will test and optimize the final operating system. The dissemination of results is considered as an excellent means to promote the ideas developed in ANDI and as a prerequisite for exploitation. The dissemination activities will start with the projectstart. The results to be disseminated will consist of concepts, test results, system prototypes and results of studies on applications. An exploitation plan will make the activities of ANDI transparent to both experts and general public, to ensure dissemination of results to potential users in Europa and even more worldwide.